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The concept of "two-eyed seeing" was communicated in the Learning from the Knowledge Keepers of Mi'kma'ki course out of Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, Canada, that I completed in 2016. Two-eyed seeing balances what we have from the sciences with traditional knowledge. I couldn't help but think of "two-eyed seeing" when I paired the two certificates together side-by-side, the one on the left from a Genetics Course out of the University of Maryland (completed April 2018), and the one on the right from the Mi'kma'ki Learning Course, and thought of the two distinct sets of knowledge both comprised. It takes two!
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March 27, 2018
The C-P39 Y DNA Project Updates Website is a dynamic, data visualization platform. Graphical techniques and methods have been applied so that project members and website visitors may gain a rapid understanding of how Y DNA test results compare without having to read through pages of row and column information. C-P39 Haplogroup DistributionGenetic DistanceMost Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA), and Big Y relationships rise to the surface, with greater clarity, when presented in easily interpreted graphical formats.​

The information and visualizations provided on this site update the earlier analysis released in the report, "C3b Y Chromosome DNA Test Results Point to Native American Deep Ancestry, Relatedness, among United States and Canadian Study Participants by Marie Rundquist," August 2012 which may be viewed here. The C-P39 Y DNA Project Updates website is updated frequently as new information becomes available. Reference the C-P39 Y DNA Haplogroup Project Family Tree DNA website for complete information. 

Citation:  Mauri, M., Elli, T., Caviglia, G., Uboldi, G., & Azzi, M. (2017). RAWGraphs: A Visualisation Platform to Create Open Outputs. In Proceedings of the 12th Biannual Conference on Italian SIGCHI Chapter (p. 28:1–28:5). New York, NY, USA: ACM. https://doi.org/10.1145/3125571.3125585
<![CDATA[Thank you Lafayette Genealogical Society and Lafayette South Regional Library for hosting our "DNA Bootcamp" !]]>Mon, 12 Mar 2018 14:12:20 GMThttp://dna-genealogy-history.com/travel-by-ancestry/thank-you-lafayette-genealogical-society-and-lafayette-south-regional-library-for-hosting-our-dna-bootcampThank you, Everett Thompson, Brenda H. Thibodeaux of the Lafayette Genealogical Society, and to the Lafayette Regional Library staff for your support and sponsorship of the March 10, 2018 DNA Bootcamp at the Lafayette South Regional Library in Lafayette, Louisiana. And thank you Deadra Doucet Bourke and Gary Smith for participating in the panel discussion, Deadra's and Gary's real-world success stories brought home how valuable DNA test results can be for genealogy research! We were all very pleased with the turn-out and the location was perfect!

--Marie Rundquist
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