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"Rundquist tells her family story eloquently in Cajun"
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Sunday, August 05, 2012 Edition:
By Marie Rundquist
Infinity Publishing, $11.95
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Shirley Worthen
's review
Jul 16, 12
Book Review for: Cajun by Any Other Name: Recovering the Lost History of a Family- and a People;
by Marie Rundquist; 166 pages
Publisher: Infinity Pub (February 17, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 074147042X
ISBN-13: 978-0741470423

Cajun by Any Other Name is a fascinating and detailed account of how a DNA test turned the author’s perception of who she was upside down. In so doing, it sent her on a quest to unearth the details of her heritage—who her ancestors were, where they lived and the journeys they had to undertake that set the course for their descendants and who they came to be. This journey in search of her roots sent the author on several different trails, and covered thousands of miles. Along the way, she immersed herself into the cultures of her heritage, trying to come to terms with the vastly important links in her genealogy that had become “lost”, albeit purposefully, in recent generations.

The author has done all of us a service in telling her story in such a compelling and well written way. This book should serve as the catalyst to spark an interest in genealogy and personal heritage in all who read it. It certainly had that effect on me! If money were no object, I would participate in a DNA test to identify my heritage at the soonest opportunity. The author heads just such an organization for those with suspected Cajun or Amerindian roots. The results are certainly not always what those participating expect nor do they always match the family-approved genealogies passed from one generation to the next. To me, that adds to the thrill of solving the mystery of just exactly what our heritage is and who our ancestors were.

Note: I would like to thank the author, the publisher and Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book for review purposes.
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Great Book


"I finished your book [Cajun By Any Other Name] while on my recent business trip and really enjoyed it.  You have done a wonderful presentation of your Acadian and non-Acadian family lineage in a easy to understand and very interesting format.  As with your last book, this book reads so easily, the story just seems to flow from the page - not letting me put the book down.

"Thanks for adding to the written history of our Acadian heritage in the Maryland area - an area so important to the Acadians of Louisiana as almost one quarter of the Acadians to come to Louisiana, came through Maryland.  

"I hope that you are successful in having informative, historical markers placed at key points within the State of Maryland to make local folks and visitors alike aware of the role of Acadians in Maryland history.

"Thanks again for sharing the Maryland chapter with me ahead of time."

R. Martin "Marty" Guidry (Louisiana, USA)
"I'm fascinated with your book [Cajun By Any Other Name]. I feel like I know all those places you speak of.  Must be because I've driven so often to Massachusetts and feel that the route all the way to Louisiana must be of the same type and conditions, so it makes me feel as though I know that whole route by now.

"When I'm reading your book, I feel as though I'm sitting in the front passenger seat of your car as you are driving down all those little lanes in the countryside. It's a very powerful feeling which comes over me as soon as I open your book - makes me feel as though I'm just coming home after a space of  several years away. I must be the reincarnated descendant of some of those Acadians who settled in Louisiana in the 1700s!

"I love the story and you wrote it so well that I feel like I'm actually there with our people. I'm going through it more slowly than usual, because I want to be sure I don't miss a thing. Sometimes I even read a page twice and try to picture those places and events with my own imagination. What a thrill to feel like I'm actually there with the rest of "our family," playing in the fields, picking berries, and running the lanes with you!

"I hope you write more books of this nature.  I'll be a good customer!"

J.D. Leblanc (Nova Scotia, Canada)
"A short note to express my gratitude in receiving the beautifully written and illustrated book [Cajun By Any Other Name] today that impressed me highly. I certainly got a chuckle when I came across ‘Mémère and Pépère’ for those are such old terms we seldom hear nowadays.

"I am also grateful Marie, to you, for signing off on the book to me for that made it even more special and for including my part in Emile’s genealogy searches for his family roots. Our common heritage is very meaningful to us both, and I am ever so appreciative in the manner for which you credited my involvement in this matter... If my maternal line should ever show up in any book you should happen to write, I would again be ever so thankful in receiving a copy.
"Once again, I thank you,"
Gratefully Yours,
--Manon G. Bolduc (British Columbia, Canada)
 "Love the book [Cajun By Any Other Name].... good job....  Michel David, Genevieve Hebert and Angelique (David) Oubre would be proud to be remembered...."

--Earl David (USA)
"Hi Marie, 

"I finished reading your book [Cajun By Any Other Name] today and I truly enjoyed it. I found out that we are related through the Gautrot and Marguerite would be an aunt. 

"History is fascinating and the snap shots of that period you describe in your book of Louisiana and Maryland were very interesting and fascinating. Life was hard and the Acadians persisted to carve a place in History. Tu rends hommage à nos ancêtres!

"...From my understanding the US is a melting pot of all nationalities and one official language. In Canada its easier for people to maintain their language and custom. Today's generation in Canada are intermarrying a lot and the melting pot effect may be on its way.

"Your message at the end of the book speaks to me wholeheartedly.

"To dance to the music of our genes is sweet harmony and peace. The sword of division is put away only to help us unite and listen. A forest is filled with biodiversity, the tops of the trees touches the sky, the roots of trees intertwine and support. If we listen closely we can hear the voice of Mother Earth telling the story of our Indian Ancestors and all others who walked it and changed its face.  Thank you Marie for your passion and sharing it. You are an inspiration."

Paul Allaire (Ontario, CA)
"I finished reading "Cajun by Any Other Name".
Very nice read Marie!.. and well presented... Merci"
...Delina P. (Nova Scotia, CA)